Financing our Log Home Kits and Packages

           Lay-Away-A-Log  Program



With the economy improving and interests rates at a record low...


   Our log Home products  are  FHA  and  HUD  approved and accepted nation wide since 1982.  Any Bank  or mortgage company can work to provide you an assortment of  finance options  for both the construction loan and then the long term mortgage loan.


     Now  to speed up the home building process we can offer a in house  lay-away  short term  financing for those that want to secure a price and start there timely mortgage  process.  At the same time allow you to get the  design finalized,  get  the drafting  &  blueprints  underway,  this speeds up the process  and can be provided sooner to the lending institution.  Its important and needed to  finish processing the loan.

                                                       pick a package

· Negotiate the plan changes, size, price

· Pay the 20% down payment to hold price and start the plans and engineering

· Interest  at 6% on unpaid balance

· Payment plan started with 5 year Balloon  payoff  no fee for early payoff

· Any delivery  requires  customer owns lot or land free and clear  and additional 20%

· Storage is free under cover and bundled any additional tarps are provided by customer

·  Payments starting  30 days after signing

· Soon plans are done and you may start  the building permit process, and shop long term financing

·                                        Click here to see the construction process in pictures


              In House  lay-away-a-log  short term  financing


   If you find the right package,  right price at the right time you will want to start the building process while the timing is most important.


    We've seen home financing take some up to a year, even if it were  three months and its  march you missed the season if building in the mountains.  Wait another year?  Lose a years worth of memoires?


     With our Lay away a log program you can start today.  Settle on a deposit and take some plans home,  or to the site,  stake out the footprint on the ground,  contact your long term financing and show your moving along with or with out their help. Start picking out the details, talk and walk  with  builders, contractors,  locate the septic tank?  Cut in the roads, parking area,  power,  water.  Now the work begins.


     All this time were designing with you, the plans,  you present us with the budget,  wants, needs, any dimensions, your  desires and  lets talk about future possible options. Or addictions   Let us draw the blueprints, get the structure engineering for codes and building permits  and the financial institution so they may get an appraisal.  You concern yourself with the on site decision making while were dealing with their needs .


    Now your knee deep in contracting the new log home or cabin.   Were building the kit, the shell, logs, beams , steel work, purchasing the lumbers that match the engineering, making sure the  lumber grades are in place ,  so you don't have any surprise on site and possible hold ups.  We will be working close with you and your builders getting them any and all information they might need to accomplish the job on time and in good workmanship any new or confusing areas of this process. Were here 24-7 to help.


    Time is important and costly we have 35 years and hundreds  of projects under our belt so use Wilderness Building Systems  knowledge, experience and  professional services to accomplish your Log Home……. “we don't sell log cabins here we sell dreams”  let us  help make this a good experience.  One you will recommend to all your friends. We  aim to be some of them friends when were done with this project  and for many years to come.    Kerry R. Hubble



                                           Wilderness Building  Systems Inc.  In house financing

                                            Down payment holds the price  up to 3 years   

                                         with our in house Financing   


         package storage waiting delivery



     Working  with us, is like blessings from heaven ....



        And not working with us... you could get the      alternatives... a flood, with out even a rainbow.

         Frugal  Funn Size  Shell  Financing

Þ     Hold the price for two years

Þ     Postpone the delivery for two years free

Þ     25%  down

        Options for an additional 00.00

Þ Lengthen or widen 8’

Þ Or... Include windows and floor

Þ Or... ad taller wall height and steeper  roof

Þ Or prow front and floor

Þ Or… ad extra 10 x 8 room and covered porch

Þ Or…


             Fun size cabin shell 14 x 16






Mention my sense of humor and you’ll get a better deal...