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  This page shows some plans that have been popular in the last 35 years. But knowing the business we can modify to  meet your needs.

       Take a look and email if you need more information, size or costs of any of these.


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    Log Cabins


New Montana 

      1680   sq. ft.

Ole Montana


Cascade 2168 ft.

Little Larch   900 ft.


      1466   sq. ft.

    Mountain Cabin

One Level 

          768   sq. ft.


Two Story

Mountain Cabin

  1150 sq. ft.

Blue pine 

     1800   sq. ft.


      2168   sq. ft.

  Blueridge 2019

      2070   sq. ft.


      1680   sq. ft.



     1788   sq. ft.


     Log Homes




      4617 sq. ft.



      4250 sq. ft.

  Grande Teton

      3400 sq. ft.


   16x16 hunting

      512  sq. ft.




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Larger  Log Homes


          What's new for 2013... The Starter Log Home


           This is a new plan.  We took the Denali -Teton style and developed a floor plan and a construction unique to add additional additions onto it later.  It’s three phases the first, Phase One, is a two bedroom cabin.
             Plans includes all three phases, with basement, porches, garage if desired.  Plan is designed to build the small cabin first, then as being lived in you can enlarge as you need the extra room without costing thousands for remodeling, redesigning, destroying old construction as the window turns into a doorway in 10 minutes with a chain saw only when the new addition is finished.                         The roof is designed to easily interlock, same with the concrete for basement. Complete the other two phases as desired while your using the first phase. Purpose is today's building labor cost and unsure economy.  Starting small keeps taxes down, concrete costs low, labor is quick and easy, roof construction ( the slowest part of a home ) It is designed to be fast and easy. Simple
USER FRIENDLY DESIGN for the younger family on a budget. As time passes it transforms into a beautiful custom Log Home and the investment was well worth it. Just the ticket if you are handy and like building  Here is the plan as we are drawing them now.              Cost to start is near 30,500 but that includes more in this package that Wilderness Standard Framing package, as in basement framing shingles, nails ect.


Phase One of Three


Optional 9/12 pitch

 optional beam ceiling

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          New for 2013    the Starter Home

  Economical, beginner friendly, expandable home for the young at heart. These homes are designed to be built in phases as your needs and budget grow. We pick the best do-it-yourselfers tried and proven building techniques. Then concentrated them here into these packages, Easy to understand plans, details, videos, instructions. Pictures caution if you cant build a picnic table don't attempt a log home. We assist you through the complete project, you supply the labor we use 35 years of experience,

    These Starter Home Packages sprung from the changing times,  energy costs, increasing property taxes, consider frugal home ownership using high  quality home products superior insulation quality of solid wood and a 1500 year life expectancy. 

     Consider your realistic budget,  if you’re a hard worker, healthy willing to learn, like an adventure?

                A   Wilderness Adventure ... Then maybe this is for you.


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Plan Catalog and

                Building Guide 

   30 color pages with  construction  details  8.00

Log Cabin

  &   Home Plans

call    406-253-0659   

Elizabeth Lake Montana

Ole Montana

      1368  sq. ft.

You have many options with this Mountain Cabin to list so come in and see all that can be don with this.

       There's Decks, Porches, wrap around, balconies, lofts with different floor plans, glass fronts custom roof, add dormers, gables, rooms and timber entry accents

Mountain Cabin

June 2017

two level is up to 1336 ft

  this is Mountain Cabin option now

comes with FREE GARAGE

 this is a Mountain Cabin option now