According to US census data, the size of the average American home in the 1950s was a modest 1,000 square feet. Today, the square footage has more than doubled to nearly 2,500. If our families are getting smaller and our objects are getting more compact and portable, why do we need all this space? As the recession of 2008 continues to grind away at our lifestyles well into 2011, maybe it’s time we slay that final sacred cow of "bigger is better" — our homes. There are, advantages of small houses. Here are examples of smaller Smart Home ideas.

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Below is our starter home built in  3  phase ’s




    Smaller homes are the best options to live in as well as to invest on. It reduces the tension of budgets and affordability factors, which are the major cause of concern for home buyers. Smaller homes have various advantages and here are some points to follow

1)Small house costs less. It reduces the expenditure cost as well as maintenance cost because of its small size. Managing smaller homes are easier than managing a big mansion.


2)Small homes are easy to take care off. It’s easy to deal with smaller homes than the Mansions. Cleaning a small house is easy and take less time compared to big houses, where cleaning and maintain the house becomes a big headache. In Buyers can save time while living in a small house and can share good time with family as well as can enjoy their hobbies. In fact, living in a smaller house is like a blessing where one can experience sheer bliss.


3)Small homes encourage to live life simple and easy. Normally, big houses look messy at times as people live in big houses tend to store stuffs which are not very important, but people living in a small house have no choice but to keep belongings that are important as well as necessary and arrange accordingly, which gives a neat and tidy look to the house.


4) You can choose quality products for small homes

Living in small house can make you choose quality products. For instance, if you plan for renovation or you want to change cabinets, appliances for your big house, it will cost more and there you may have to overlook the quality of the product. But if you live in a small house, the same cost will reduce to half and you can give much importance to quality as you have to buy less for small house compared to bigger ones.


5) Small homes can sell easily

Times are approaching when the smaller homes would be in demand. As the cost of living is increasing drastically, buyers’ are facing problem to maintain their lifestyle in this fast moving era. There’s no doubt that smaller homes are easy to sell than the big mansions. It reduces the complications people go through before buying and selling a house.




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Designing and building a new house or renovating an existing house to be highly energy-efficient requires careful planning and attention to detail. A Smart Deign house systems approach helps homeowners, architects, and builders develop successful strategies for optimizing home energy efficiency.

This approach considers the house as an energy system with interdependent parts,

· Heating

· BTU consume ion

· Floor plan to eliminate wasted unusable space-area

· Un nessciary tall or vaulted ceiling heights

· Apply closing doors to segregated rooms-area that need not excess heating

· Insulation  techniques

· Windows size, to save energy vs. light desired and views  design floor plan to maximize and utilize the size

· unitize the Sun in winter and Shade for summer

· Square footage effects taxes, heating-cooling, Maitainaces,  cleaning time., Security

·          ...each of which affects the performance of the entire system. It also takes the occupants, site, and local climate into consideration.

To ensure that your new home takes full advantage of a whole-house systems approach, hire an experienced design and building team and insist that they use a whole-building systems approach from the beginning of the design process. Your designer can perform a whole-house computer simulation that compares multiple combinations of variables to arrive at the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solution.

Below is optional Homestead Plan and we have a few others also



We spend the weekend in the mountains in a small camper, it’s a bit cramped but when we need a warm, weekend cabin we say...2600 sq ft please,  for the same vacation you may rethink the cost to build, maintain, pay taxes, clean, make secure, remodel heat and repair. Don’t turn you Dream Cabin into another JOB


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