The Ponderosa  Lodge  is 29,760 square foot. It features two conference rooms, restaurant and dining room. Lobby, twenty-eight 15’ x 24’ sleeping rooms, covered deck, covered drive-thru  and entrance and more. The design of this structure blends in with all types of landscaping, especially in the mountainous areas and has the ability of pulling tourist in from all around to enjoy the inspiring  mountain adventure. The Ponderosa Lodge” features  fresh rugged wilderness atmosphere  in the summer months.  in the winter enjoy the rustic warmth inside with the massive rock fireplaces  and log work.  I can almost detect the scent of wood smoke! This is a decorators dream come true.

     Some of the features start  with the rustic  log craftsmanship in the tall vaulted  roof structure.  Massive timber rarely seen these days but we have it.  Fireplace from the floor to the ridge beams  is an art work of natural stone.   Fireplaces  on both levels and in the sunken leisure area. Log mantles and wilderness chandeliers.  Antlers all accent these tall log walls. We will even throw in the bear rug. The roof is awe inspiring but the first thing your eyes feast on is the massive log staircase  winding, twisting, ascending upward into the loft like second level.   Log rustic handrails seem to beckon to you to climb up and see more.

     Well,  you create what you will  with this structure. Arranging it to fit your needs we can help with design, drafting, engineering and construction. 

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     We can help design, draw and engineer and budget cost is an issue  we have  the experience with hundreds of these  log buildings under our belt.  we know how to save you money on  time and labor.  


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