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Text Box:  Salt Lake City is where we ship from.  the only thing we have in Montana is the logs that's only 5% of what it takes to complete the project.   80 % of what we do goes west, east and south.  Salt Lake is a major manufacturing hub  and warehousing for all building materials and services. Weyerhaeuser is next door, Boise Cascade, Georgia Pacific,



























  We provide a truck  but it can not get on jeep trails and needs a place to turn around, your responsible to unload, have a rough terrain fork lift needs to lift 10 ‘ plus.
































Above  Salt Lake Office  on I-15  and I-80 cant beat that, near  Flying J   truck stop


Below package ready to load up  this is only half. We have storage for several at the same time there.

   we  possibly can deliver locally  in smaller loads

          Salt lake City Yard

   your shipping coordinator

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      Call 801-972-6066                                   Office 3015 so. 460 west.                    Salt lake City, Utah 84115
                                              E-mail for help
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Free Shipping  Details!    One semi truck is included free for the first 500 miles only on the complete log home framing packages.

      Most average 3 bedrooms homes we can package to fit a 44’ trailer and weight under 47,500 pounds.

     If you have your own driver or truck we can credit you the cost  about 2.00  a mile at today's prices, we’ll load it up here at the salt lake  mill and distribution yard and it will take a day.  leave the trailer and straps  well do the rest.                

      Trucks cant get on jeep trails . there highway rigs and the driver makes the final call.  Loaded weight  is 80,000 pounds and cant back down a mountain, You have to have a lift to unload there. Place to turn around, no hair pin turns.

      Send us pictures & talk with us about access some times you have to unload below the job site and shuttle up the kit.  Check your bridges for weights!  Gates also! 


    Canadian freight Specialist

              Alberta and BC





.“ we’ll take the time to get on  our one truck  what our    competitors need 3 trucks to  haul the same size home!”