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                                           Sometimes we have some log home packages

Phase One of Starter Home... BUILT IN THREE PHASES, 1365 foot  3 bedroom

       35,500.00 comes with the HUD approved, phase one of  framing package,  also plans and engineering for permits, loans,  includes warrantees, shipping ect.

   Email for particulars if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, some construction experience or have friends and family ...this was designed for that purpose. More info on Plans Page at bottom.  


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 eco friendly housing

   Funn Size Cabins  are  6” Logs

Sometimes we have some log home packages to find a new buyer for ...


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Option addition

Mobil Log Cabins

Mobil Log Cabins


No building permit, if under 200 ft.

 No Property tax  if wheels left under...

Enjoy your land until the economy changes ?

          New for 2015 is... New Affordable,  Smaller, Green Designs for Log Cabins “ the Mountain Cabin starting with a one level at 29,999 and then ad options, lofts, dormers, porches, decks, fireplaces where ever you like, no extra cost for design, plans, engineering. Get a price, 1/3 rd down holds the price and its ready when you have the foundation in 

 2018 projects... Pic– plan in January,

Plans re-design add 2 months

Engineering ad 2 months

 Building permit ad 1 Month

Re-draw, new code change,  adjustments start over and ad another month

Find builder, bicker price, build road, excavate, find concrete man ...snow in Utah  mountain September!

You should started in October

September!  We get extra packages left over, customers change minds... Our mistakes...  Construction Changes ... Life style changes ect.

    I will list them as the develop... Zac

...in January usually