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              The Strongest Walls

   We provide the strongest homes because of wood species, grade of wood, solid interlocking walls and the secrete recipe of connection.

   Our Lodge  Pole and Douglas Fir  proves to be the best timber. Doug Fir is the  strongest of softwoods to use.  Wilderness mills the house logs when bone dry or  6% moisture. That’s one third of kiln dried lumber you buy at a lumber yard. We mill round logs to FHA and HUD specs,  coped, then notched, with critical precision that 40 years   experience  provides. Add the  proper glue, spikes,  our secret laminating  wood techniques and this guarantees the horizontal joining  fit air tight and stops  the settling.  Like mortar between bricks it wont settle, but it bonds the wood solid, like a glue laminated beam, we have built them 3 stories tall this way.  Any one recommending carpet pad or foam, in between your logs ?  Only pay by the cord.  It should not be called  housing material.

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          Your looking at the Worlds Strongest  Interlocking Log Wall  System

Text Box: Beginning of a Log Home#
Text Box: Log  Home Roof Stage#
Text Box: Log Home up to Square#

     This is after it was dropped and still in tack

  Look at the tires  think its heavy?

    Cant get any more simpler construction than this. The walls could be constructed with out any nails at all the coves and saddle notching interlocks it all together, and tight..we don't advise doing it that way unless you want to take it down later like we do in home shows.

This 2000 foot home above is the fifth  day on site, roof framing will begin this day.


    Below   well it hit the ground and as you can see even though the longest log in this 14’ x 20 ‘ two story cabin was 10 foot long, it never separated, bowed, bent or broke. The sound was tremendous, there was a  6” hole in the hard driveway where the doug fir beam smashed into the ground.


  Log Home





this  is  how  far  it fell from

    Below is a log cabin we built in 1981 it had to be moved behind the two homes so the simple choice was to forklift it up and over. It was so heavy the 5000 pound yellow lift squashed out the tires  and then required the two  big 10,000 pound lifts… well my fork lift killed and my kid brother continued pulling. It was 10 ‘ off the ground when it came off the forks.

Our multi level homes can be built with out scaffolding on the outside of the building. Simply bring it to square and deck it with a floor and begin the next stack of wall logs. tall gables maybe a piece of scaffolding is nice but we seldom used it, I just construct  a walk way with beams or planks.

    We  pride our building system as being the easiest, fastest and less expensive to construct with good results, its  very forgiving. One customer called it  “USER FRIENDLY “  we can go with that.  If you line up your butt ends of your corners with the one below it  practically stacks straight and plumb on its own. Of course the foundation needs to be square and level to begin.

     Builders have praised that on a 2 level log home the peaks on the gables came out to be perfectly level.





Another testament  To the most earthquake resistance home you can build.  As for hurricanes and tornados I bet again we have the best building system in America. Low cost, do it yourself friendly, Fast Construction, Energy Efficient, 1500 hundred year life expectancy, High resale value... Only down side is Log Homes may be a little to Western for the average lily livered city slicker that need contemporary cracker box housing that decorate up like a sanitarium. Sorry I may been living in the city a little to long.

 Lets talk about the natural water shed cut that joins together the horizontal fitting  cope or Swedish Cove.

   Tongue and Groove fit, no carper pad or gaskets needed here, and so...no settling. When the logs are bone dry ( 6%)  years latter (no movement) your pluming is still running down hill, windows don't jam, Doors not bugger up, kitchen cabinets aren't ajar, breezes and bugs and vermin ...aren't getting in.

Another testament

   This is the most user friendly log building system you could do”

  A word about log oils... we been constantly using, testing, studying all.... This is important “ whenever priming bare fresh exterior wood, keep in mind this first application will dictate the appearance of the structure for years to come”







 Swedish Cove milling Lodge Pole Pine and Glue, that’s stronger than wood, eliminates settling when used with bone dry wood and Precision Milling.  This only works when using  the best species of soft wood. Lodgepole & Doug fir.


   Lodgepole pine stand 1975

    I built my first cabin, 10x14 when 14, I built my first home at 21, with that said, for 35 years I never gave much thought to the fact that building a log home may intimidate many possible customers !

   I will share my first Log Home experience, a I got a job working for a contractor building a home kit, I was 23, previously worked as pipe fitter, welder, fabrication mechanic in steel trades. I could use tools like tape, saws ect. I was raised in the Salish Mountains of Northwest Montana so chain saws, Winchesters and logs I new well,  I been logging since 13, I watched and learned in a few days and its was like putting on shingles once you did two rows its all the same !  I was good with my hands and liked working, anyway ...so the project manager fired my bosses and ask me to finish off the 6,000 square foot custom home. Then another  and so on. I built a dozen or more, and had so much work I hired 5 General contractors and after I bought my first sawmill, I hire 2 Engineered, 2 Drafting persons. I was providing up to 99 homes a year, helping Do-it-yourselfers and Contractors put these together. In this development had to come up with a user friendly system for all.  This is  that system.  Below was that first job. Hint .... Do it while your young...life is too short.    Kerry

the below construction instructions and pictures and diagrams got to extensive for Microsoft.. So we will soon have a web site for Log Construction... But I may be able to  link to Pinterest it was on there too. But to big also...