You  never  built  before  ?

 Log Cabin Kits begun because the building of walls was  simple, easy, every one can build a log wall with Wilderness Building Systems precision prepared house logs, notched and grooved . They really do fall into place, you just ad glue, level nail and spike.



     Building   Log  Walls


     Building a Log Wall have a  milled Starter Corse, it’s a half log, sits flat on floor, glue and nail down to rim of floor, take a saddle notch long log and place over that log, on the floor rim, this is start of a corner, tack and spike down with the glue, use a framing square to stack the next 4 rows of logs, gluing and spiking, the cove will naturally fall almost in place, you gota watch that it sets down this is most important, reason to spike !

   Do this 32 times and your 8 foot hi, use a 4’ level in the corners  to  plum, glue, tack and spiking as you go

    Stagger your butt joints, place factory cuts together until you have to carefully cut one,  a tricky point if you cant draw a strait line you can cut one ! Top off the wall with the special finish Corse  and your a log builder. Our crews can do a 8’ wall in one day.


   For 35 years  I never gave thought to the fact that building a log home may intimidate many possible customers!

I will share my first experience when a got a job working for a contractor building a log home kit.  I was 22-23, previously had worked as a pipe fitter, welder, fabrication mechanic in steel trades.  I could use tools like tape, saws, etc.  I was raised in the Salish Mountains so chain saws and logs I knew .  I had been logging since I was 13.  I watched and learned and in a few days it was like putting on shingles once you did two rows it’s all the same!  I was good with my hands and liked the work so much that the project manager fired my bosses and had me finish off the 6,000 square foot custom home.  I build another and another and so on.  I built a dozen or more and had so much work I hired 5 general contractors and after I bought 3 sawmills I was providing up to 99 homes a year.   Helping do-it-yourselfers and contractors put these together.  I had to come up with a user friendly system for all.  This is that system.  Below  was that first job.    KERRY


     There is many ways  to build solid wood walls...but none is easier and more forgiving than the Saddle notch & Swedish cove.

    There is some that also sell the saddle notch  system ...but no one garreteers “the worlds strongest interlocking wall system”... We mill at 6% moisture content !  All the shrinking, twisting, checking, warping is done. Ask your lumber yard what there kiln dried moisture content is ...19 %  and less..

   That’s not dry

     Installing Windows and door:   This is rocket science you left the size hole now get the window, make a buck to fit the window, mark the wall to fit the buck, use a strait edge ( 2x) nail at one side level only cut slow and carefully along the side of the 2x. Measure over to the other side and add 1/4”  and cut that side .  If you used the 7” logs just leave out the correct amount of rows and now  install the buck, place, spikes into wall, slide in window  and caulk I don't even nail it in. Caulking holds it for 1500 years same as our guarantee. Save this for a rainy day get the roof on for now.

    yea that's standard rafters there too.  Its important to learn proper chain saw  safety this is dangerous get on your knees and keep your saw upward as much as perpendicular as possible. The saw is spinning and try to kick you in the face. Hand on and be gentle with the gas and gently touch the mark and slowly rub –score a shallow  cut down the 2x to be made. Make 3-4 passages until it pokes through. The bottom of the bar is what you trying to cut safety with ...NOT THE TIP !!!

Logging is the 2nd deadliest job .

  Window Buck see the detail button, we use doug fir 3 x10 as standard.  set them one inch  margin outside is what I do. Make them 1/4” larger than the window  measures, wiggle room.  since our logs don't hardly settle unless they get moisture /rain in the  will swell temporarily.  We jus leans ..1/2” above the window if it rains...and it will.

   And keep spikes way back !    You been for told

    When the logs are glued there air tight, gaskets don't work, bolts and screws don't work if you  want air tight fits and no settling, no bugs...use sledge hammer and our milling  process and moisture content and lodgepole pine .

    Stairs, pre cut and ready to install, once you have done one they wont intimidate you, they look easy but code requires the top step and the bottom step  be the same as the middle step  you have to cut on site the top and bottom  read our instruction see our pictures and call me if you like. Kerry


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when ya get good you can cut circles....or wait till you hit a spike and the saw  will cut circles all day long, weather you need to or not. This is my finish work  only saw  here.


     Setting the 5 x10 doug fir circled beams for the loft floor, set them at 4’ centers because we pre cut the decking to fit, so you don't have to stagger the joints. we also have steel beam hangers and special nails to attach to the bearing beams.  Right we are figuring pitch and a cut off line to trim off the gable.  See the beam for porch bearing and now we know the head clearance  of 6’8”. Chain saw work is needed and you really should have someone experience to teach the basic skills and safe operating procedures.

warning   if you cant build a picnic table stop, turn around  and go another way

  These walls are one days work with four guys

 day one

  installing a window   2011

installing a window 1979

setting loft beams & decking

ad a porch  & figuring pitch

  Install window buck after roof in on get the roof on first !

log gables are fast and easy but high

use string and long 2x to set pitch & cut

 rafters are easy, chainsaw  cut the pitch

figure beam pocket layout at 7’ mark, put windows in after log oiling...!!

run log thru door and window during construction

 log  o i l  now

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    don't wear black boots !